CADM and PTC Partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with PTC, licensing the Creo/Elements Direct source code to CADM, which we will use to develop applications in new markets. As demonstrated by this agreement, we are dedicated to this platform and plan on taking the products into a new venture, to be announced late next year.  In the meantime this agreement has several advantages for us to share with  you.

As the original developers of this code we know it intimately, and care about it sincerely.  Through this agreement we are able to even better to support you with:

  • Consulting and Custom solutions: we build custom extensions to all the products: Modeling, Drafting, and Model Manager.  We can come to your site to recommend custom improvements to products and processes.
  • Support and training: We have unparalleled ability and product knowledge to get your team up and running and stay that way.  Our support programs provide US-based call in support and ongoing defect fixes and enhancements.
  • Defect fixes and enhancement requests upon request: Our ability in these areas just became that much stronger.

For more information about this announcement and how our future role with the platform please contact us.

See the press release here…