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Cable Modeler is a tool to simplify the process of design and routing of “cable” type assemblies. These “cables” could be representations of coax cables, pipes, waveguides, ribbon cables, wires, HVAC ducting, etc. While similar cables are commonly used in RF and microwave instruments Cable Modeler is not limited to just those applications. Cable Modeler can be used anywhere there is need to bend and route a part that has a constant cross section shape. In addition, this tool can produce data, which allows direct prototyping of the cable assembly. Cable Modeler is an add-on module to Creo Elements/Direct Modeling. The presentation of all pertinent data is in an easy-to-use tabular format. A cable is created by choosing a size, picking the cable terminators from a menu and selecting the bend points from Modeling workplane or off an existing 3D wireframe, surface or solid model. Cable Advisor will show the designer the total length of the cable, build it and automatically add the appropriate connectors from its library.



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