Welcome to the Open Ensemble Transform token request page.  Please fill out the form below and a CADM representative will contact you soon to determine the best type of token for your needs.  CADM provides several different type of Invoice tokens which can be utilized to best meet your company’s needs.  Once an Invoice token is issued, they are immediately available for your use.  Simply enter the supplied token via the web service UI, and jobs can be submitted until the Invoice token has been consumed. Once you submit the form, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours.

Types of Invoice Tokens available:

  • Demo token – good for 3 exports, user can request this via our free trial form.
  • Time on server – a token is issued for the given amount of prepaid time on the server at a rate of $250/hr.
  • Exported files – a token is issued that is valid for x-number of export files.
  • By job – a token is issued that is paid by the job. This requires a credit card on file that we can charge against. We don’t yet have this ability.
  • Subscription – good for a given period of time. A subscription based license.