Portable Licensing

Many years ago, CoCreate added the ability to the license server to allow users to check out licenses to their laptop so that users could work while at home or traveling and not connected to the company’s LAN. Initially it was added as a licensed product and at some point, it became free. I do not know at which version it became free so there may be some customers using old software that find this will not work without upgrading their license server.

You will need to be on the company’s LAN and know the hostname of the license server. Using a browser you can go to the license server configuration page by using the URL http://[license server host name]:17171. Once there you should go to the Portable Licensing tab.

From here you can use the link to download the Potable Licensing Client and install it on your laptop. The client will be installed with the other PTC apps and called Creo Elements Direct Licensing Configuration Client. 

Before starting the Licensing Client, you should start the tools that you will want to grab licenses for. For most users this will be modeling and any modules that you use (sheet metal, FEA, surfacing,…). There is no reason to grab a license of model manager since you can not use it if you are not connected to the network anyway. By  doing this you will be able to use the “Use Float” feature to grab all of the licenses you are currently using, otherwise you will have to search through the list and pick what you think you will need.

Start the Direct Licensing Configuration Client.  First, select or specify the license server and pick the Update button to see all licenses associated with the license server which should show something similar to the below image. 

You will need to connect it to your license server. If you need to enter the hardware ID it can be found on your License Server Config page. Once you see all of the licenses that are available, you can select the licenses that you need and an expiration date. The licenses you select will then be transferred to your machine and no longer available on your company’s license server for others to use until the expiration date that you selected. If you want to return them to the pool sooner then you can do that here as well. 

To check-out a license, select one or more licenses from the Portable Out column or use the “Use Float” button to select all of the licenses that you are currently using.  A check mark on a green background will be placed on each license selected.  Select from the New HwID range pull-down list the hardware ID you want to check-out the license to.  Then, select the Expiration Date for the check-out license if you wish to have it expire at a specified date (30 days max).  If not specified, the check-out license will expire at the end of the current day.  Select the Update button to perform the action.  The client will now show which licenses are portable by showing a check-mark in the Portable Current column.  To release (check-in) the portable license back, start the client once again.  Select your license server and hit the update button.  The screen will show those licenses that have been checked-out with a check-mark in the Portable Current column.   Place a check-mark in the Portable In column of the license to release it.  Select the Update button and the portable license will now be released and returned back to the license server.