CADM Support Flyer

CADM Support Package Overview

Our goal is to improve your productivity and reduce costs by providing software improvements, online support tools, and personal assistance from a team of experienced support engineers for the Creo/Elements Direct (CED) platform. Our support services are designed to help you more fully utilize your software and avoid interruptions in production.  Contracts are typically for one-year terms, renewable on the anniversary date.

Software support from CADM is ideally suited for customers who own perpetual licenses and have already dropped support from PTC or wish to. It is also ideal for customers who wish to have quick and easy access to experts in the CED suite of tools when issues occur.

We base the cost of support on your current license usage as opposed to the actual licenses that you own. This will be determined by the “max usage” column of the summary page of your license server.

Support contracts are available on an unlimited basis. Customers who only need infrequent help can purchase Limited support at a discount. This is limited by the number of hours that you will have access to support engineers and access to enhancements that may be offered to our support customers.

The CED suite of tools is the sole focus of our business, and we are committed to maintaining it and enhancing it for as long as possible. Some examples of what we have been working on are listed below.

Software Support Services

Software updates

  • Defect fixes
  • Enhancement deliveries
  • Via DLL files for rapid delivery
  • Quality Software Development
  • Modules and core code support

Support Desk

  • Email address:
  • Certified Support Engineers
    • All with many years of experience with the software
  • Case Lifecycle Management
  • Sustained Support
  • Certified Support Centers
  • Local US and European resources
  • Integrated R&D Support
  • Global Support Database
  • Remote Desktop Diagnostics
  • Knowledge-Centered Support

Terms of Support Services

Registering a support request – Support requests can be requested by contacting us by phone or email 24/7:

  • Email:

The following information should be provided when placing a support call:

  • Name
  • Phone Number and email address
  • Product affected with release level
  • Severity Level – The severity level should be specified when placing a support request.
    • Enterprise Down – The system is down and everyone is affected
    • Critical – Work has stopped but does not affect the enterprise.
    • Urgent – Work is impacted but not stopped
    • Not Critical

Response Time. The response time for the first quality response will be 4 hrs. for unlimited support and 8 hrs. for Limited support, during normal working hours.

Working Hours.  Normal working hours will be from 8AM Eastern time to 5PM Pacific time M-F.


AutoSave – introduced new option called incremental save.  With this option, the AutoSave feature no longer creates a new package file of everything in memory (which can be time consuming).  Rather, using the incremental save, only those items changed since the last autosave operation are stored.  This drastically reduces the time required for AutoSave to perform its action.  Furthermore, you can now also only incrementally restore the items of interest rather than having to reload the entire assembly.

SheetMetal Advisor

Introduced new custom shaped stamps/punches which are driven by profiles on a workplane.

  • New Hem options to create more complex hems around any set of tangentially connected edges (current version restricts hems to planar set of edges)

PCB module

  • Improved loading of imported boards by 30x by indexing the library files.
  • Fixed problem with collected contours options when importing boards

Both have been back-integrated into the core code.

Defect Fixes:

Modeling has a bottleneck when dealing with parts containing a large number of vertices and edges.  This would slow down modeling operations when working on these type of objects.  The scanners have been improved from an exponential time to a liner time response.  This allows large files like those produced from STL files to be workable in Modeling.

New Features:

New module to read in STL files into Modeling.  This module also has the capability to reconstruct planar faces represented in the STL file.  We are extending this