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Steve Gutierrez – President

Steve started his career as a design engineer with Hewlett-Packard in 1983 working on pen plotters which were the first generation of products being designed with 3D solid models. He took the lead on developing and implementing HP’s fledging CAD environment. He became the CAD manager at the San Diego division of HP and built from scratch the 3D CAD environment consisting of 300 seats of SolidDesigner. During that period, he also became the ME Technical Council member for the Peripherals group representing over 3000 mechanical engineers. Thru the Technical Council, HP developed and implemented a five year strategy to move from their paper based design environment into a 3D solid modeling environment. After the successful migration, Steve joined the Mechanical Design Division of HP which developed both the 2D (Drafting) and 3D (SolidDesigner) CAD products produced and marketed by HP. He moved to Germany to join the R&D team and also became involved with the Global Marketing team of MDD. In 1996, MDD separated from HP and became an independent company of CoCreate. At CoCreate, Steve returned to the US and built the Project center for CoCreate which was focused on building, delivering and productizing customer driven extensions to all CoCreate products. With the acquisition of CoCreate by PTC, in 2008 he started his own company to focus on support, consulting and training for the existing customer base of CoCreate users.

Today, CADM, Inc. services companies all across the US and is starting to increase our presence in Europe as well. All employees of CADM, Inc. were previous technical employees of CoCreate with a wealth of knowledge and experience. We look forward to bringing these resources to your service.

Carville Downes – Business Development Manager

Carville has been working in the PLM/PDM field for the past 17 years with CoCreate Software, PTC and now with CADM, Inc. Prior to this he was an engineering manager for two companies, Ohmeda Health Care and Fusion Semiconductor where he managed engineering designers and the records departments. His passion for data management drove the switch away from management and into project management. Carville’s understanding of the engineering process as well as the strengths and weaknesses of CAD/PLM/PDM tools makes him a great resource for any engineering company who wants to improve their business processes and how they utilize their engineering productivity tools.

Carville lives near Baltimore and is married with 3 grown children. He has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland College Park. His hobbies include sailing, woodworking, and gardening.

Cynthia Welti — Sales and Marketing Manager

Cynthia joined CADM in 2015, returning to her roots in Computer-Aided Design. She is a graduate of Duke University and also holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from San Diego State University. She worked at Hewlett-Packard for 17 years in manufacturing, engineering, marketing, and finally in management. She was an early adopter of HP’s solid modeler and went on to work in technical sales, customer support, and marketing for CAD and Product Data Management worldwide. More recently Cynthia served as the Executive Director of Mountains to Sound Greenway, an environmental non-profit in the Seattle area. She worked there for over a decade. Cynthia is fluent in French and German, is happily married, and enjoys gardening and swimming in the ocean.

Peter H. Ernst – Software Architect

Peter is creative software architect with expert knowledge and more than 20 years experience in CAD, PLM, and team collaboration. He a good sense of customer needs and practicability. He started CAD development 1986 at Hewlett-Packard, where he later became one of the founding fathers of the SolidDesigner direct modeler which is now known as PTC Creo Elements/Direct. After the HP Mechanical Design Division was spun off into CoCreate, Peter soon became member of the ‘CoCreate Technology Synchronization Council’ and Solution Architect for the CoCreate CAD business. Besides the implementation of advanced modeling algorithms (such as Cut&Paste of face sets) he was a key contributor to CAD centric team collaboration solutions (CoCreate integrates CAD and SharePoint), lightweight PLM solutions, and highly scalable server infrastructures. 2007 Peter joined PTC as part of the CoCreate acquisition. As ‘Technical Fellow’ at PTC he lead PLM integration projects and was a top contributor to the ‘PLM meets SharePoint’ initiative which lead to the “Web Parts for Windchill” line of products.

Gary C. Joyner – Technical Consultant

Gary is an experienced consultant with more than 30 years experience with CoCreate data control products, including 10 years as a system administrator for an engineering company and 20 years as a Technical Consultant. His knowledge base includes upgrading, migrating and optimizing Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases. Gary is proficient in Java code for Model Manager and Workmanager macro code for older installations. He has a good sense of customer processes and needs. This enables him to streamline the customer’s time to delivery.

Gary is an avid Harley rider a passion he shares with his wife of 42 years. He has one daughter that is following in her mother’s footsteps as a registered nurse. He also loves spending time with his granddaughter.

Marc Brown – Technical Consultant

Marc started his career with Hewlett-Packard as a mechanical design engineer.  This gave him a great understanding of the needs mechanical engineers have to document and share designs as part of a development team.  He also managed the initial implementation of the software toolset for mechanical engineers and printed circuit designers within a Hewlett-Packard division.

Realizing that there was a long way to go in tools, Marc took the training and opportunity to switch to software development to make the tools mechanical engineers need for their job.  He was part of the ME10d team which ported the ME10 code to personal computers.  In parallel with this development was the port of HP-DMS to the PC.  He was the final support and developer for the DMS code.

With this understanding of data management, Marc was part of the initial development team for HP WorkManager.  He aided in this development as it progressed to ModelManager.  He developed and provided the training for WorkManager/ModelManager for new engineers on the data management development team. His consulting work with CADM began in 2017.  His longevity on the product lasted through the development of ModelManager from Hewlett-Packard to CoCreate to PTC.