CADM Inc. Releases 3D Printing Extensions

The 3d_printing extension module for Modeling provides tools for the 3-D printing process chain. It adds utilities and dialogs to import, export and work with manufacturing data in the industry standard formats STL and 3MF. 3D Printing Data Sheet

PTC Creo Elements/Direct 20.0 M030 has been released

Significant enhancements and fixes have been added to the release 20 software. If you are using release 20 or are thinking about upgrading to release 20 you should consider using M030. If you need assistance please contact us. Creo Elements/Direct Manager               20.0 M030 Creo Elements/Direct Modeling              20.0 M030 Creo Elements/Direct Drafting                20.0 M030

CADM and PTC Partnership

We are pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with PTC, licensing the Creo/Elements Direct source code to CADM, which we will use to develop applications in new markets. As demonstrated by this agreement, we are dedicated to this platform and plan on taking the products into a new venture, to be announced late next…